Reach Voters With SMS Text Message Advertising

It's The Message You Can't Ignore!

SMS Text Message Political Campaign Marketing Service

Nothing cuts through the clamor like a SMS text message. Political campaigns are about persuading voters to vote for you. Email, Facebook, Twitter, print ads and messaging apps all have their place, but if you want to reach the voter directly no matter where they are then text messaging is the answer. It's direct, it's personal, it's cost effective, and most importantly it gets your message in the hands of the voters!

A key ingredient for any political campaign strategy should be to use the most effective communication tools. Recent studies have shown, that in close races, voter turn-out can make the difference in an election. Text messaging is the choice method of communication among the exclusive 18 to 35 voting bloc.

So whether you're running in a local, state, or national election we can get your message delivered directly to both young and older voters. In this modern digital age, technology is the core of any successful political campaign.


Key Benefits of Our SMS Campaign Service

  • We Provide 100% Of The Mobile Phone Numbers In Your Targeted Areas
  • Over 98% Of All Text Messages Are Read Within 10 Minutes
  • Get Voters To Remember Your Name & Your Message
  • Over 90% Of American Adults Own A Cell Phone
  • Best Way To Reach Young & Older Voters
  • Reach Voters Wherever They Are
  • Remind People To Vote
  • Date & Time Sensitive
  • Cost Effective


Boost your campaign today with political text messaging. SMS political marketing can help you win the election! Get started today by completing the Contact Form and a Campaign Manager will contact you promptly!